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Buteyko Breathing | Inner Core Therapy

Buteyko Breathing

Using Buteyko breathing techniques may help you improve your breathing, have fewer symptoms and need less medication naturally.

If you suffer from asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea, COPD, anxiety, or other breathing-related disorders,  you could take control and make a real difference to how you feel.

In the 1950s, Professor Buteyko found that many of us over-breathe without knowing it, so he developed a clinically-proven* method to reverse the habits and symptoms caused by over-breathing.  This method has helped many thousands of people worldwide from children to the elderly to free themselves of breathing problems.

In just two days you could learn to change your breathing too and within 3 months you could expect to be….

•    breathing more easily and gently
•    sleeping quietly and waking refreshed
•    feeling increased vitality and well-being
•    experiencing fewer unpleasant symptoms of migraines, asthma, hay fever and allergies
•    SAFELY needing fewer pills and less puffers – subject to your GP’s approval
•    seeing an improvement in your fitness and exercise performance
•    enjoying eating with better digestion and appetite

One of Australia’s foremost asthma authorities, Professor Charles Mitchell of the University of Queensland, was reported to say after the initial controlled trials, “they feel much better and use much less bronchodilators – this is terrific”. Initially doctors were sceptical but in time scores supported Buteyko’s method.

“As a medical doctor and naturopath I am impressed and surprised at the effectiveness of this natural approach”. Dr. Paul Ameisen MBBS, MD, Dac, ND; Sydney.

“I have experienced the Buteyko breathing technique both personally and professionally and found it to be a very effective treatment for asthma and I’m certain you will be impressed. Give the treatment a trial”.
Dr. Kevin Treacy. MBBS; The Gold Coast.

So, change the way you breathe and change the way you feel every day.  To start, click here.


Call Declan at Inner Core Therapy on 07946 536124 to find out how, alternatively send me a message or email me direct on declan@innercoretherapy.com

Courses and consultation costs:
1 hour (Skype, or face to face) £ 85
Individual tuition via Skype only £475 per person. This includes an initial consultation, six contact hours and three months of follow up

Call me on 07946536124 to ask about one to one sessions at the Osteopathy Clinic in Chessington.


Hybrid Option:
There is the option of working with me for 1 day in your home and doing the rest by skype, as needed.  Or, two half days of three hours each.  This would be 6 hours in total and subject to your location.

Cost: £550 (day rate)  for the full 6 hours of training, as well as three months follow up by email.

You can find out more if you email me at, declan@innercoretherapy.com

Stratford on Avon
Next course:    call me on 07946536124

Read more about how the method can change your life and get dates for London and the Midlands at Buteyko Breathing Centre.

Wentworth members, contact me directly about one to one teaching at Wentworth Spa on declan@innercoretherapy.com



See Terms and Conditions page.


The Buteyko method was tested and approved by the Medical Institute of E. M. Sechenov between  February 27, 1981 and May 21, 1981.
Brisbane Medical trial: The Medical Journal of Australia (Volume 162)
The Gisborne, NZ trial:
Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 12-December-2003, Vol 116 No 1187
“The Buteyko group exhibited a reduction in inhaled steroid use of 50% and β2-agonist use of 85% at six months from baseline”.