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Chillies for Diabetes

As a follow up to the last blog on Diabetes, there begs the obvious question; “Well Declan, what should we do about it then?” “Go on, don’t just complain, make a positive suggestion”.

Well, chillies get their flavour and attitude from Capsaicin.

For arthritis, some people are prescribed Capsaicin as a medication.  It is a strong anti-inflammatory and commonly and cheaply available as a food for all of us and while it’s not the only or complete answer, is a place to start as a preventative/curative.

Spicy peppers have been used as medicine by many cultures for countless years. There isn’t enough good clinical research into foods but some that has been done suggests that consuming Capsaicin-rich peppers may have significant health benefits. For example, a clinical study published in the July 2006 issue of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” found that subjects who consumed chilli peppers as part of different types of meals for four weeks had reduced levels of insulin after eating, suggesting that Capsaicin might help lower risk of type-2 diabetes. Another study that investigated the possible benefits of Capsaicin on reducing body fat, published in the on-line 2007,  International Journal of Obesity, from a 2005 study,  looked at the benefits of chillies and other foods in relation to lowering body fat by thermogenesis over an eight week study.  Click on the link to read the abstract as to how eating the right foods can help your body do what it needs to.

This is the method I used to effortlessly reduce my body fat from 27% to 10.5% (that’s 21Kg of lard gone and almost no muscle lost) – who says chemistry’s boring.

This is no fad, no quick-fix diet, no new-fangled discovery.  This is old wisdom, good dietary knowledge, tested under lab conditions, just to ‘prove’ what 100 generations of healthy people already knew.

We can throw our hands up and cry, “whatever can we do?” or we can as individuals just make a decision and do something for ourselves and our families.  Don’t worry, I’m not selling chillies. You can ignore me.

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