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Does have Homeopathy have a value in the NHS?

I was recently asked to sign yet another of the many e-Petitions going around.  This was about whether or not to save the Homeopathic facility as part of Lanarkshire PCT.

As usual, this is not about whether Homeopathy works or not.  It’s about whether or not it should be included in the increasingly challenged budget.

I personally don’t favour the ‘us and them’ battle between conventional and complementary medicine.  It’s not real and it’s not helpful – nobody will win.  Nor do I practise Homeopathy or depend on the Lanarkshire PCT to save my life, so I’m pretty neutral on this and realise how easy it is for me to hold my view from the sideline.  So, back to the question, “Keep it or not?”. Yes or No?

Well, the answer is yes and the reasoning is thus;

Although many in the conventional camp cling to the ‘Clinically Proven’ label, that label is not always what it seems.  I only discovered a few years ago (through a doctor) that medicine manufacturers are not legally required to publish the totality of their studies.  They can choose the parts that prove their point and leave out the bits that didn’t work. It would appear that that has always been the case.

Conventional medications treat symptoms and do not usually even begin to address the causes. Homeopathy treats people and people respond to care better than they do to medications/chemicals.  The focus of care allows for a body to respond to Homeopathy in a way that is wholly different (not better or less good than) to the way a body responds to conventional medications.  It therefore has a value in treatment, which cannot be justifiably measured against conventional treatment, but should be regarded as a genuine alternative and a real treatment of people.

It is therefore up to those charged with managing care, whether they spend the budget on the treatment of symptoms, illnesses or people.  I speak only for myself at my relief not to have to make such decisions.

Whatever decisions you are faced with, I wish you wisdom.


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