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Testimonials | Inner Core Therapy

“I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma at age 40 and was put on Symbicort and Alvesco daily steroid inhalers.  The asthma doctor said “this is for life but don’t worry there are no long term side effects.”  I didn’t want to take inhalers for life so I searched for someone who could teach me the Buteyko method.  Declan made it very simple and within 3 months I had fully stopped all inhalers.  It’s been close to 1 year and my symptoms are fully gone.  My peak flow is the same.  A great miracle in my view.  Declan is someone who truly enjoys helping people and I’m lucky I came across him.”

Joel Perlman, London


“Dear Declan

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I have just got back from my Colombia trip, cycling 1000km from Bogota to Cartagena, and I successfully climbed the worlds longest climb 82km, up to an altitude of 3660metres.

I had a wonderful time although there was no way I could have done it without your transformation of my breathing. It has allowed me to deal with any situation, exercise, altitude or in this case lots of both!

Many many thanks, I did think of you during the trip and how grateful I was to have found your expertise and truly life-changing help.

Lucy E, Surrey


“His reputation precedes him. His professionalism defines him. That is how I would sum you up.  “you can quote me”

Sarah M. Pilates Teacher


“Dear Declan

I just wanted to thank you and say how much I have benefited from the Butekyo course with you. I know I have further work to do but in this short time it has made me so much calmer and given me some real health benefits plus the confidence to feel I can broaden my horizons to new fitness challenges, instead of worrying about how and whether I might cope with them.

I had a good cycle yesterday and I really notice how I am keeping my strength right through to the end of the ride.

I will keep practicing and look forward to seeing you and reporting back in October.

Kind regards



“My family and I have been regular clients of Declan’s for some time now for ongoing massages.  Recently I started suffering from very severe leg pain only when I lay down at night in bed!  Following a session with Declan, he identified the problem, treated me and gave me some exercises to do.  I can honestly say that the pain was 50% better from the day that Declan treated me and the pain had completely gone from the following day!  I cannot thank you enough!  I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Declan!”  Jacqueline, London


“Thanks! my neck got better after your treatment and I am fine ever since. Thanks again!!!!”   SY Chang, Berks.


“Declan, thank you so much for the most awesome massage!! I will be back for more! Many thanks, Becky”


”Back in 2009, Declan treated me successfully for a frozen shoulder, hugely reducing the pain after one session and restoring full mobility after a few more. Since that time I’ve returned about three or four times a year because the therapeutic and deep massage treatment has worked wonders on the various niggles that a desk-bound job has inflicted on my shoulders, neck and back over the years.  Although the treatment can be quite intense (attributable to an unerring accuracy in targeting the problem areas), Declan is responsive to requests to ease up on the pressure if it gets too much, and I always feel super-relaxed at the end of the session. I recommend this treatment wholeheartedly because the results are marvellous.”  Margaret T, South London


“I came to Declan with a chronic neck issue, kyphosis, that was causing me a great deal of pain in the form of headaches.  I was also taking some very strong medication that was adversely affecting my quality of life.  After a single visit with Declan I noticed an improvement and after a few more sessions my medication requirements had fallen by 50% and I can honestly say the intense pain has not returned at all.”  –  Gareth Morris, Bournemouth


“I had a few deep colon massages with Declan and can honestly say that digestive problems I had suffered with for years have completely eased and 8 months later have not reoccurred. It really boosted my metabolism and made me feel more energetic and definitely eased a long term chronic fatigue problem. I am very grateful to him for his care.

I knew that I was a bit stressed – but had no idea just how much until after my treatment today where Declan completely unravelled me! It was so relaxing and healing, and I now feel absolutely amazing – incredibly happy and completely free of pain and stiffness. I had shoulder, neck and back pain before and now I don’t even feel like I have bones, I am so floppy and relaxed.  Thanks Declan”.    –  Melanie Warren


“It’s great to see your new website Declan – professional and friendly, just like you! I’d just like to let people know of the excellent treatment I’ve had from you over the last 10 years that have helped me with the effects of a series of health issues such as diabetes, CFS and back injury. Your knowledge and expertise has clearly been developed over many years of teaching and learning, and your strength and precision during treatment is the best I have experienced.”   –  Chris Lawn, Kingston


“When I trained in Holistic Massage and Anatomy & Physiology, I was lucky enough to have Declan as a tutor. He made both theory and practical sessions fun and interesting, whatever the topic. He not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience but is also a gifted teacher, who is able to present and explain things in a way that makes sense. As a mentor, he is approachable, patient and very supportive – always happy to listen and offer advice.  Declan clearly has a passion for what he does and he inspires everyone with his enthusiasm and positive attitude. “   –  Claudia, Farnham


“Declan’s teaching style is inspiring, patient and thorough and his breadth of knowledge is second to none.  I really enjoyed his mentoring and now feel confident to help others to become excellent therapists too.”   Niki Wakemen, Leamington Spa


“Regular sessions with Declan have undoubtedly helped tackle a buildup of muscular tension and the resulting migraines beginning to plague my life.  Flexibility has been restored to neck and shoulders and everything is generally more relaxed.  The migraines as a result have all but disappeared.   Maintaining this with periodic sessions will keep everything in balance.  Thank you Declan!”  –  HJ, Esher


“I first saw Declan when I had a shoulder joint that was very stiff and painful.  Through his skillful but gentle massage and manipulation I am now pain free with almost full movement in my shoulder.  Also I suffered from painful ankles and legs when doing a lot of walking but again with Declan’s stretching and manipulation and following the advice he gave me about stretching I can now enjoy walking again.”  –  Alison, Molesey


“I am doing the exercises you showed me and the breathing through the nose one is particularly helpful.  We have also changed our diet for the better and are exercising regularly, so all in all I feel your instruction and our life changes will greatly improve my breathing. Indeed, there are already early signs of improvement; my walking capacity and general levels of energy have increased.  Thank you for your help and I am sure I will continue to progress”. Chris T., Walton Heath


“I really did enjoy the weekend and found it extremely useful. I felt really good when I got home, positive and motivated.  So I’ve started increasing my activities again. I went to the gym on Tuesday evening and whilst gently cycling did short breath holds every 30 seconds or so. I felt much better after. Having a clearer understanding of the science is really helping me”.  –  U. Robson, Cambridge


“Your magic worked once again – Thank you! ”  – Sally H., Surrey


“This is the best massage therapy I have had – I had the good fortune to receive a therapeutic and deep tissue massage with Declan at Wentworth Spa.  Declan’s presence is very calming and welcoming.  Months of ‘head to toe’ tension melted away as Declan found ‘the spots’ with his expert hands.   I recommend Declan’s incredible massage and I will be back for another session!”  –  Linda Boyens


“I felt fantastic on Tuesday night – like a weight had been lifted from deep inside my body! I found our session really good and insightful. I will come and see you again soon”   – Simon Eyre, Berkshire


“Hi Declan,

I continue to make progress. I’m still doing leg stretches and also using a tennis ball under the desk at work.  The pain that I was experiencing has greatly reduce.

Thank you for all your advice.”  Kim McMillan  (Surrey)


“I had a series of Thai foot massages from Declan. The affects were as follows:

My feet felt wider, as if someone had gone over them with a rolling pin.  My toes felt longer, giving me more dexterity in them.
I felt more grounded, and my balance felt as though it had improved.
I did a squat, I felt less restricted, and I didn’t need to rotate my feet outwards as much.
I took a couple of practice swings with a golf club, and because my feet felt more stable, I felt less restricted.

In general, my feet felt stable, giving me more ankle more mobility. Overall, I felt less restricted, and that there seemed to be less stress on not only my feet and ankles, but all joints, as if there was a positive chain reaction.”

Ian Freeman, Personal Trainer, Berkshire


“Stretches are working a treat. Will be able to have that first dance after all.”   Andy


Dear Declan
Thank you for the recommendation you are a joy to work with. Very professional and inspiring. I am delighted that we will be working together again this year!
Best Wishes
Zoe (Campbell), Show Director CamExpo.